Fritzie Urquhart

Artist’s Statement 

Painting and sculpting is for me the process of discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary, and creating art that celebrates those qualities. My painting and sculpture include the use of textural materials and innovative techniques that create revelations of color and form.

“I enjoy the challenge and sense of invention that comes with discovering new solutions in the design and use of materials, and in the engineering of art projects to achieve a special or unexpected result. I’m influenced by the words of Rod Serling in his prologue to the Twilight Zone: “Consider This:…”

I’m inspired by the Sunday comics, AC/DC, American pop artists, illustrator Jack Davis, and Mr. King. I’m motivated by the challenge to communicate who I am and what I believe through painting and sculpture.


I graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, and San Diego State University with a Master of Arts degree. I have been a teacher and an artist in Ohio, California and New Zealand.

My paintings and sculptures have been exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art, the William D. Cannon Gallery in Carlsbad, and the Escondido Arts Partnership. I have sculptures installed on the campus at California State University, San Marcos, and Scripps hospitals in La Jolla and Encinitas,California.

My gallery is open for viewing by appointment. Art work is available for purchase or by commission. Please email or phone for more information.

(760) 436-7478